Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Am A Failure

So, what else is new? I just can't seem to get on top of keeping this blog up to date. I am over six months out of date now and there are tons of entries to be made! Birthdays, Mothers and Fathers Day, camping trips, European trips, and just great happenings in our lives! But I can't seem to have the two or three days to do the downloading of photos on the blog---thats what takes a long time...

So, I guess I am saying all this so that if any of my five readers check here to see something new, and there is the same ole, same ole things----please be patient with me.

I will get to it someday----after all, I should eventually slow down and have a few days on my hands in

Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Turkey Day

Before Thanksgiving, Hailey paid us a visit---to go to Sting. (Yay!)

Maryn, always excited by the prospect of eating!

Clayton and Meg, preparing their pumpkin log

Maryn and Brinna playing around with their cameras, as usual.

Elder Costello and Smith, excited for their first big dinner of the day!
(they ended up going to three)

Nice turkey.

The table looks great, but where's the food?
The whole gang, except for Shawn, ready to dig in!

Meg and Clayton, looking divine.

Aydan, giving himself rabbit ears!

And now we will have the "highest number of hats on our head" contest...will it be Clayton...

....or Aydan with the highest amount?

Everyone turned out for Thanksgiving this year, along with the Missionaries from our church, Clayton's girlfriend, Meg, and Brinna's friend, Michael. We had moved at the beginning of November, so it was a hectic time getting things unpacked, as well as the play that I was directing for the church opened the second week of November. Our church was also in charge of a Thanksgiving Concert that included all the area churches, so there were extra practices for that, as Shawn is the choir director.

Shawn also had a gig in Phoenix, (see her blog@ to read about it!) and had to go to the airport by two in the afternoon, so we had an early dinner at noon.

Yummy food, lots of laughter, and great times---as well as some more outdoor fun for the kids after Shawn left! While the cat's away....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fall Antics!

Bret, blowing out his birthday candles

Aydan, excited about the office things that he decorated for Bret.

Bret showing off his new grill, well, a picture of it, anyway----his was on back order...

The hula dancing commenced, with Maryn and Bret showing off some fancy moves!

The whole gang "going to the Hukelaui"!

Aydan is not too sure about his Mom's hula style.

Shawn and Brinna looking in fine form as they execute a classic hula move.

Now.....Meg and Bret, is that the "fishy" sign or the "sea"?

Outside we go for some Frisbee throwing and enjoying the warm day!

Clayton is really excited to be outside and playing Frisbee!

Aydan, looking fine in his Hawaiian shirt....

...and doing a quick fancy throw of the Frisbee! (note it is up on the right hand side)

Yes, I am finally getting to the Fall of 2007! Whew!

We had a fun time with Bret's birthday this year. Aydan wanted to have a luau for our family since he had such a great time at Margy's, so we decided to have one for Bret's birthday. Clayton brought his girlfriend, Meg---and she fits in really well! She is a great girl and tried not to be too weirded out by our family----especially when it came time to dance.

Everyone came dressed in their Hawaiian gear and the decor was very island inspired. We had lots of fruit, fish and rice, then had a great time doing the hula, taught by Shawn, of course, since she was able to do some brushing up on her hula at Margy's party. We then had cake, JP Licks Cake Batter Ice Cream cake, of course, our favorite, opened presents, then went outside to throw a frisbee around. I think that it was a definite great luau!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Summer Days...

Well, now you are really catching on to the fact that I am overwhelmed, overworked and extremely underpaid! I guess that is par for the course of most people's lives right now, but I can't figure out why I never seem to be able to catch up! Is time just going faster or is it my imagination?

Oh, well, have to do a quick family blog with pictures from the rest of the summer and then try to find Bret's birthday pictures to do another blog. I KNOW! ITS WICKED AND TERRIBLE, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!! I'm sure that it will go down in the annuals of my history as being the most pathetic time in my life....

Well, I hope so, anyway----if it gets worse----I'M IN TROUBLE!

I shudder to think when I will get to Thanksgiving and Christmas.....

So, it was a trip to Utah to see the G-babies! It was exciting to spend 10 days or so with Hailey and her young ones----those kids are soooo beautiful! We went swimming and helped Hailey move in to her new house, but mostly I just played with the babies a lot... Sigh....

Grandpa Cannon, with the twins...

"Mimi" gets to hold them last.
Margy, Shawn and Mom ready for the Luau at Margy's house...stunning!

Cousin Ben, with Aydan, enjoying the Luau---nice sun through trees effect!
Grandma Cannon with her brother, Uncle Cleve.
Cleve's wife, Heidi, with Grandpa Cannon, enjoying the show!

Aydan took this one of Shawn, ready to learn the hula.

Grandma Cannon, with Shawn and others, learning to hula----great form!

Lane takes time out of her busy day to give "Mimi" a look...

...while Aydan, Ethan and Mila enjoy a game on the computer.

Lucy and Lane in their toy tables!

Then they move onto their Bumpos, as they get ready for their snack.

Aunt Margy takes over for a while when we visit her house.

All ready to go to the Aquarium with Hailey---great stroller, guys!

The awe of watching the fish at the aquarium.

McKayla, working with the sand at the dinosaur museum
McKayla, Maddie, Mila, Aydan and Taylor at the dinosaur museum.

Then on to the water park!

Aydan, getting ready to climb the ark---while Uncles Eldon and Pat watch.

A huge centipede thats great for climbing---at the play park!

Patrick and his wife, Angie, take a much needed break!

The twins, with Mila, in their cool swimming lobsters...

Laney, excited by the adventure!

....And there they are with Hailey at the helm.

Aydan, using a floatie to get around in the pool!

Shawn with Lucy...

...then with Laney.

Laney in her new 4th of July dress.

Both the girls look adorable in their dresses!

Back at home again, and Aydan is taking swim lessons!
Here he is perfecting his back float....

...resting by the side of the pool, waiting for his turn...

...playing games with the teacher...

...and working on his front crawl.

He's starting to get the hang of long as he doesn't have to put his head in!